The ultimate ERP. Built just for dealerships

Your dependable, intelligent, automated, technology partner

Synchronizes with DMS

Only application you need outside of a DMS. Integrates with DMS automatically. No manual entries to synchronize data.

Instant access to all data

Instant access to any information across your footprint. Connected processes speed up operations and enable productivity gains to invest back into your business.

Robust workflows

Robust workflows ensure strict
adherence to all applicable rules, cutting out the complexity. Automated processes reduce manual effort, saving time and manpower.

Compliance with regulations

Inbuilt authentication
mechanisms simplify abiding by ever growing and changing mandates from OEMs, government regulatory bodies, banks, and other financial entities.

Real-time business insights

Real-time visibility and deep insights into business activities right at your fingertips.  Intelligent dashboards drill down into metrics to easily identify trends, helping you make business decisions faster and drive profitability. 

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Networked cloud solution giving you
access to your business processes at any time. You are never more than a click away from the information you need to run the dealership smoothly.