Technology Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

Readywire was established to provide technology solutions for India’s automotive dealerships and help them digitize. We are an offshoot of Kensium Solutions, a technology provider with advanced expertise and deep experience in implementing and customizing integrated ERP solutions.

Our Vision

Deliver economic value to automobile dealerships through AI-driven automation of financial and allied processes and services.

Your Customer Bill of Rights

As a customer of Readwire, you have the right to:

  • A comprehensible and consistent SaaS end-user license agreement (EULA)
  • A flexible open platform that allows for rapid integrations
  • Consumption-based licensing that does not inhibit the growth of your business
  • Sustainable pricing with annual increases of no more than 3%
  • ERP implementations without hidden fees
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Access to your data anytime