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Readywire Modules

Navigating the complex landscape of the automobile dealership industry requires a robust, integrated solution that streamlines operations and fosters growth. From real-time inventory management to advanced financial oversight, gaining actionable insights is paramount. Enter ReadyWire Cloud ERP: an all-encompassing, cloud-based platform explicitly engineered for automobile dealerships. With a comprehensive suite of AI-enhanced modules, we ensure operational efficiency, compliance, and security—all rolled into one solution.


Vehicle Sales

  • Benefit from a streamlined 360-degree workflow that efficiently integrates price lists, offers, dockets, registration, finance, and insurance procedures for new and pre-owned vehicles.

  • Automates all financial postings, with user interaction limited to simple menu selections, eliminating the risk of errors and boosting efficiency in every transaction.

  • Replace manual, error-prone dockets with digital versions, consolidating all customer documents, approvals, transactions, and financial statements in a single, unified digital environment.

  • Automates e-invoicing compliance with seamless IRN generation and synchronises data with the GST portal to prevent duplication from DMS.

  • Facilitates centralised billing processes across multiple locations, enhancing control and efficiency.

Customer Digitisation

  • Digitises the entire vehicle sales process, from test drives to quotations, booking, sale confirmations and vehicle delivery, for enhanced customer engagement, transparency, and trust.

  • Safeguards dealership and customer interests through meticulous documentation and smooth vehicle handovers.

  • Maximise customer acquisition and engagement through digital promotions and offers. Simplify the management, tracking, and redemption of coupons to enhance customer interactions and loyalty and drive sales growth.

Ancillary Sales

  • Manage the complete sales transaction process for new and renewal policies, overseeing all financial transactions, including receivables within the Readywire platform.

  • Automates the sale and administration of extended warranties, including tracking of commissions.

  • Capture, record and track every in-house finance transaction with our robust framework and manage it end-to-end.

  • Gain actionable insights with unified, dynamic reports on sales performance and financials, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your workshop and parts & accessories business.

Performance Monitoring

  • Set end-to-end performance targets with revenue implications at both branch and individual levels across key business divisions: pre-owned, workshops, parts & accessories, and vehicle sales.

  • Access real-time performance metrics to quickly assess and adjust to targets. This immediate feedback loop keeps teams agile, informed, and ready to respond to market dynamics.

  • Use trend analysis and comparative evaluations to gain critical productivity insights and identify improvement areas. Leverage actionable data to enhance operational efficiency and optimise dealership performance.



  • Streamline your procurement from purchase orders through material receipt to billing, all within a single unified workflow.

  • Benefit from an error-free process with automated tax computations, GST verification, and financial postings. Our system ensures data integrity throughout the procurement cycle.

  • Implement control with multi-level approval systems. No transaction progresses without necessary approvals, ensuring a disciplined expenditure pathway.

  • Facilitate comprehensive audits at any moment. Auditors have full access to the procurement dossier, including approvals, original bills, and associated documents, all centralised for ease of review anytime from anywhere.

Consumption Tracking

  • Track and monitor consumable usage across the dealership. Instantly know department, branch, or individual-wise consumption and patterns of any item from tools to stationary.

  • Monitor and compare prices vendor-wise, branch-wise, and over different periods to ensure budget adherence. Facilitate detailed comparisons within and between branches to optimise spending.

  • Facilitates proactive management of supplies and assets, preventing shortages and excesses.

Job Work Payables

  • Efficiently manage multiple contractors for the same or different job types. On-demand access provides detailed payment histories per vendor.

  • Prevent overpayments. Guarantees that contractor payments align precisely with contract terms and the specific work completed.

  • Dramatically accelerates determination of the payable. Eliminate manual reconciliation. Converting days-long tasks into minutes.

  • Instantly access contractor work volume, job types, and costs for a comprehensive overview of outsourced tasks and expenditures.

Statutory Compliance

GST Management

  • Enables online reconciliation of internal system entries with those on the GST portal.

  • Facilitates amendments from B2C to B2B transactions.

  • Automates the generation of GSTR1 reports.

  • Continuously cross-checks transactions in GSTR 2A against received bills.

  • Manages automatic Input Tax Exemption and Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) postings.

  • Employs AI for accurately determining the place of supply, supply classification, and tax components.

Invoice Reference Number (IRN) Processing

  • Automates IRN generation for Accounts Receivable (AR) transactions.

  • Conducts prechecks on IRN from Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to avoid import duplication.

  • Automatically retrieves and updates IRN for DMS transactions in the ERP system.

TDS and TCS Compliance

  • Implements comprehensive and automated workflows for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS), including postings.

  • Systematically populates applicable rates and sections.

  • Tracks and reports on Challan utilisation.

  • Integrates TDS deductions on provisions and advances and auto-generates TDS/TCS payables.

Employee Statutory Returns

  • Streamlines PF return processes with automated data collection and reporting for compliance ease.

  • Provides comprehensive information and calculations needed for ESI returns, formatted for straightforward government submission.

  • Assists in Professional Tax (PT) compliance with efficient tracking and reporting tools for timely submissions.

  • Tracks and reports Nil ESI attributions.

Workforce Management

Digital Employee Dossier

  • Digital Employee Dossier transcends traditional file storage, encapsulating an employee's entire journey within the organisation, from onboarding to exit.

  • Stores and organises employee-related records, including personal, bank details, resumes, reference checks, Aadhar, PAN, Etc.

  • Ensures immediate access and traceability of all transactional activities, providing a comprehensive report card of the employee’s tenure for verification or statutory requirements.

  • Manages a detailed record of assets issued to employees, ensuring accountability and easy retrieval at any point in the employment term.

Payroll Management

  • Streamlines the entire payroll process, from initial computation to final bank advice, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

  • Supports diverse leave types, managing allocations, utilisations, and encashments in line with statutory requirements.

  • Digitally captures and integrates attendance directly into payroll, supporting deviation management, overtime, and comp-off adjustments.


  • Manages the entire uniform workflow, from setting allowance to issuance, as well as tracking and returning SIM cards.

  • Manages final settlements and no-due certifications with a structured workflow.

  • Efficiently processes employee reimbursement, ensuring accuracy and prompt settlement, which enhances employee satisfaction and reduces administrative overhead.

  • Ensure compliance with the Factories Act by tracking statutory bonus disbursements.

Finance Management

Loan Management

  • Facilitates comprehensive handling of both accounts receivable and payable loans.

  • Covers a range of loan types, including term loans, inventory funding, vehicle financing, and trade advances.

  • Offers dynamic, snapshot views of the current status across various loan categories.


  • Instantly assess financial health with snapshots of assets, liabilities, and equity to inform strategic decisions.

  • Track profitability and guide budget adjustments through detailed revenue, cost, and expense analyses.

  • Get insights into your dealership's cash flow for optimal liquidity management and operational continuity.

  • Analyses liquidity by comparing current assets to liabilities, manifesting the dealership's ability to cover short-term payables.

OEM Reconciliation

  • Enforces mirror tracking of ledger statements to synchronise balances between OEMs and the dealership.

  • Facilitates automated tracking and settlement of inter-dealer service transactions and OEM levies.

  • Efficiently handles all OEM claims, including workshop services, spare parts, and new vehicle promotions.

Credit and Overdue

  • Enables customisation of credit terms per customer profile, with vigilant compliance monitoring.

  • Automates the computation of overdue charges in line with dealership-specific protocols.

  • Meticulously records instances of overdue charges, both levied and waived.

Intelligent Accounting

  • Creates transactions via intelligent, embedded workflows in document processing, limiting direct ledger access.

  • Allows for reclassification of transactions for compliance with Indian Accounting Standards (INDAS) and rectification purposes.

  • Features robust mechanisms for locking financial periods post-finalization.

  • Integrates wizard-driven provisioning with fully automated posting for refined financial management.

Banking Management

Corporate Card Administration

  • Automates the recording of transactions made via corporate cards.

  • Mandates regular reconciliation of monthly card statements.

  • Manages cashback, rewards, refunds, and applicable charges.

  • Extends support to both credit and forex cards.

Comprehensive Banking Operations

  • Manages a full range of banking-related workflows.

  • Facilitates inter-account funds transfers, cash and cheque deposits, and withdrawals.

  • Handles a variety of payment methods and remittance processes.

Bank Statement Reconciliation (BRS)

  • Automates the integration of bank statements.

  • Ensures strict reconciliation of all bank transactions.

  • Links bank charges to corresponding banking activities.

Credit Card and UPI Receipt Management

  • Monitors receipt transactions, ensuring type-specific reconciliation.

  • Automatically reconciles transactions against card statements.

  • Tracks terminal-based settlements to identify any delays.

  • Documents and reports on charges imposed by payment service providers.

  • Maintains records of payment terminals, their usage, and allocation.

Inventory Management

New Vehicle Inventory

  • Facilitates automated integration of purchase data from Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

  • Automatically generates bills, purchase orders, and receipts for new vehicle acquisitions.

  • Implements automatic Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) application on purchases.

  • Enables precise tracking of vehicle stock locations.

  • Offers real-time, centralised visibility of all vehicle inventories across various locations.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory

  • Provides comprehensive control over pre-owned vehicle inventory.

  • Monitors the performance of vehicle trade-ins.

  • Tracks and reports on the refurbishment of pre-owned vehicles.

  • Ensures compliance with GST regulations specific to pre-owned vehicle transactions.

Parts and Accessories Inventory

  • Manages the inventory of independent vehicle accessories.

  • Automates the recording of accessory purchases and sales data from DMS.

  • Utilises dashboards to offer alerts based on key metrics derived from DMS data.

Raffle Items

  • Manages the inventory of goods acquired for promotional activities like scratch card offers or raffles.

Asset Management

Asset Depreciation

  • Employs automated computation of depreciation using Straight Line (SL) and Written Down Value (WDV) methods.

  • Offers flexibility in swapping depreciation methodologies with smooth recalibration of the depreciation values for impacted assets.

  • Delivers pre-formulated depreciation statements in alignment with the Registrar of Companies' standards.

Asset Tracking

  • Provides capabilities for tracking asset location and designating custodians.

  • Supports comprehensive asset audits for updates on location and condition.

  • Records and reports on repair and maintenance expenditures on an asset-by-asset basis.

Asset Creation

  • Facilitates the addition of assets through either direct purchase or asset transfer.

  • Incorporates a comprehensive workflow for asset revaluation or impairment.

  • Maintains an exhaustive fixed asset ledger detailing crucial attributes like warranty, identification numbers, and purchase specifics.

  • Manages Capital Works in Progress (CWIP) effectively, enabling an automatic transition to fixed assets upon commencement of usage.

Asset Disposal

  • Efficiently tracks different modes of asset disposal, coupled with automatic financial entry generation.

  • Implements Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations according to the disposal methodology or Input Tax Credit (ITC) status at the time of acquisition.