Improve Performance. Increase Profits

Readywire Cloud ERP is a future-proof tailor-made technology solution for your automotive dealership. It powers your digital transformation and enables you to run your entire business more efficiently. Designed from the ground up by leveraging leading edge technologies, Readywire has automated processes, robust financial analysis and formidable data security capabilities. Readywire connects all your data and places it at your fingertips, delivering automation without complexity, compliance without rigidity, and continuous improvement.

Smooth Transition to Cloud

Prebuilt ERP system requiring minimal configuration to set up and be fully operational.

Smart data migration strategies executed by a skilled team to facilitate a smooth transition from your legacy system to cloud technology with negligible disruption to operations.

Growth Friendly Subscription

Pay-as-you go licensing that can grow and shrink with your business. No per-user licensing, so your technology can scale as your business grows.

All-authorized access so stakeholders can access, create and receive the information they need.

Automatic Updates and Delivery

Continuous delivery ensures new features, bug fixes and configuration updates are delivered quickly after passing standardized test processes.

Automated upgrade processes for such verified updates assure that you always have access to the most up-to-date application features.

Centralized Accounting

Consolidates accounting across the entire dealership and ensures different departments and branches use the same data, making data consistent.

Centralizes financial reporting by managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed-assets, HR, and taxes within one system.

Data Analysis

Captures  a wide variety of information providing greater insights into your organization via robust reporting, dashboards, and analytical tools.

Provides visibility into optimizing dealership processes to increase profits and eliminate malfeasance.

Data Ownership

Readywire confers on you the right of complete ownership of your data at all times. Your data is yours, always anytime.

You have full access in your deployment to control, manage, and maintain your own data in your setup.

Data Security

Enterprise-grade security features such as server-side logic, detailed access controls and robust authentication.

Network intrusion prevention and user activity audit tools secure your data.

Data Backup

Backups performed automatically, including all transactional data backed up daily on a rolling backup schedule.

Incremental backups of transaction logs performed frequently throughout the day.

Disaster Recovery

Data backups replicated to an additional geographic zone for additional layer of protection and disaster recovery.

Swift recovery of system and resuming of service through a fail-over recovery procedure in case of disaster.


Ensuring your dealership stays in full compliance with required mandates, both external and internal, with workflows designed with regulatory checkpoints.


Built-in processes, standardized just for dealerships, eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and provide an error-free process flow, cutting down on labor and costs.


Includes all employees, no per-user fees; extends to key partners and customers, support for load balancing and multiple server configurations, dynamic server scaling from small to large loads.

Artificial Intelligence

Fully interwoven AI in all application components enabling peak performance by driving consistency, increasing efficiency, speeding processing, verifying accuracy, generating reports, triggering alerts, and activating validations.


Comprehensive online training by Readywire product experts, built-in user and training guides for self-paced learning, and hands-on instructor-led classes  to facilitate you with getting started with Readywire easily and quickly.

Technical Support

Readywire is committed to providing you with prompt, expert technical support in the event that you encounter an issue while using the application. Our highly-trained technical support staff is always available to guide you step-by-step to troubleshoot issues.