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Embracing Data Protection: How DPDPA Shapes the Future for Auto Dealerships in India

  • By Readywire
  • March 27, 2024
The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 (DPDPA) introduces a new paradigm in India's data protection landscape, impacting various sectors, including the automotive industry. This blog delves into DPDPA's implications for auto dealerships and how embracing comprehensive ERP solutions like Readywire can facilitate compliance and drive innovation.
The image represents the security protocols for compliance with DPDPA.

What is DPDPA?

DPDPA sets the stage for a more structured data protection regime in India, mirroring global standards like GDPR. It mandates stringent handling and processing of personal data to safeguard individual privacy while allowing data to serve as a business growth engine.

DPDPA Impact on Dealerships:

Auto dealerships handle vast amounts of personal data, making them directly subject to DPDPA's provisions. The act necessitates a comprehensive approach to data management, emphasising consent, transparency, and accountability in data processing activities.
Consent and Transparency:
Dealerships must obtain explicit consent for collecting and using personal data, ensuring transparency in data use.

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Data Security and Breach Notification:
Robust security measures are required to protect personal data, with mandatory breach notification protocols.
Individual Rights:
Customers gain enhanced rights over their data, including access, correction, and deletion rights.

Steps for Compliance:

Transitioning to compliance under DPDPA involves several critical steps, particularly for auto dealerships traditionally relying on Dealer Management Systems (DMS), standalone applications, and manual processes:
Audit Your Data Handling Practices:
Evaluate how you collect, store, use, and share personal data to identify gaps in compliance.

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Revamp Consent Mechanisms:
Ensure your processes for obtaining customer consent are explicit, voluntary, and documented.

Adopt a Unified ERP Solution:
Switch from disjointed systems and manual processes to an integrated ERP solution like Readywire, specifically designed for auto dealerships and leverages AI to ensure compliance with DPDPA. Readywire streamlines operations and ensures data is handled securely and by legal requirements.
Enhance Data Security:
Implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches, in line with DPDPA's security obligations.

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Train Your Team:
Educate your staff on the importance of data protection and the specific requirements of DPDPA to ensure everyone is aligned with the new protocols.

Stay Informed and Compliant:
Regularly review DPDPA guidelines and updates to ensure ongoing compliance and consider consulting with data protection experts.


The DPDPA represents a significant milestone in India's digital evolution, bringing about a culture of privacy and security. It's a call to action for auto dealerships to modernise data handling practices. By adopting comprehensive solutions like Readywire, dealerships can comply with the new regulations and enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through AI-driven insights and streamlined processes.