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Digitising Test Drives Can Drive Your Dealership Forward

  • By Readywire
  • June 5, 2024

The Importance of Test Drives in Customer Experience

Test drives are a critical touchpoint in the automobile sales process. They offer potential buyers the opportunity to experience a vehicle firsthand, significantly influencing their purchasing decisions. An exceptional test drive experience can convert potential buyers into loyal customers, making it a pivotal aspect of dealership operations.

Common Challenges in Test Drive Management

  • Uncontrolled use of demo vehicles in a dealership, whether due to excessive staff use or unnecessarily lengthy test drives, often results in their unavailability for customer drives. This can result from the absence of proper tracking and management systems, leading to increased costs, reduced vehicle availability, and lost sales opportunities. Additionally, unmonitored fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance cause higher operational costs.
  • Complex scheduling of test drives, when managed manually, can be error-prone and inefficient. Issues such as double bookings, missed appointments, and administrative burdens can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Missing out on Management Information Systems (MIS) can hamper a dealership’s ability to make informed decisions. Without comprehensive and accurate data, dealerships struggle to track test drive conversions, evaluate executive performance, and understand customer preferences.
  • Legal requirements such as verifying that prospects have a valid driving license and ensuring they sign a declaration before a test drive are crucial. Without proper systems, dealerships may face compliance issues and increased liability risks.

Why Do These Challenges Exist?

These challenges often arise because many dealerships still rely on manual processes or disjointed systems. Without an integrated approach, tracking vehicle usage, scheduling test drives efficiently, and gathering comprehensive data becomes difficult. Manual processes are prone to errors and inefficiencies, leading to the issues mentioned above.

Transforming Test Drives with Readywire

Optimising Vehicle Utilisation

Readywire’s ERP system addresses the issues indicated above through integrated workflow mechanisms:

  • Controlling Access: Vehicle usage, whether for staff or test drives, is approval-based. Detailed logs of vehicle usage help ensure accountability and prevent misuse.
  • Monitoring Fuel Usage: The system monitors fuel purchases towards demo vehicles and requires the assignment of consumption to the correct vehicle. This helps track the fuel consumption of each demo vehicle and reduces associated costs.
  • Enhancing Productivity: Effectively managing test drive vehicles, fuel consumption, and vehicle availability, coupled with data on conversions and executive performance, leads to higher sales and dealership productivity.
  • Legal Protection: Customer consent forms and driving licenses are captured digitally to protect the dealership from legal issues. The dealership can access these documents at any time.

Driving Dealership Success

Readywire’s ERP system transforms test drive management by addressing uncontrolled vehicle usage, complex scheduling, and the lack of detailed data. This streamlines processes, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction.

By leveraging advanced digital tools and integrated systems, dealerships can make test drives a seamless, efficient, and valuable experience for both the dealership and the customer. Readywire’s approach enables dealerships to focus on building strong customer relationships and driving sales success.

Moving Forward

While this example focuses on test drives, many similar challenges exist, cumulatively causing significant inefficiency and costs to the dealership. Implementing a comprehensive digital solution like Readywire’s ERP system can address these root issues, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across all aspects of the dealership.

The underlying problem often lies in manual processes and disjointed systems. An end-to-end digitisation approach is essential to transform and future-proof dealership operations.

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